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The other day we celebrated the 90th birthday of one of my associates. He now lives in a nursing home for the elderly. When younger he was a great teacher, scientist  and lover of nature and the great out-doors. He has very poor sight now and it kills him that when he is allowed out-doors he can hear the birds sing but cannot see them. Is it not sad?

I thought of him, and others like him, when viewing a short video by 26-year-old Eugen Merher as an ad for Adidas sport runners. The ad was turned down by Adidas but now, under the name "Break Free", has been seen by millions on You Tube.


Merher's "ad" tells the story of a depressed and unhappy aging marathon runner who lives in a nursing home. He decides he wants to put on his old running shoes and break free, but is always caught by staff before he can get out the door. Eventually, they take away his sneakers. But then something wonderful happens: some fellow senior citizens come to the man’s aid. They find and deliver his running shoes and help him make his dream come true.


What a lovely ad.

My mother was 90 a few days ago and can still see and hear the birds, despite poorer hearing and sight than she would want; she is very fortunate.
Lovely ad.

Hated the added ending (which is American and the ad can't be set there as the chap has a David Coleman commentary on the TV.)
I love the entire idea of the ad. Freedom is personal - different for each person.

- Erulisse (one L)
Sad yes, but worse still if he could do neither.