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The modern meaning of the word orator is, "public speaker".

I suppose well-known modern orators would be: Churchill, de Gaulle, Hitler, MacArthur, Roosevelt, Nehru, JF Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Nixon, Obama, Nelson Mandela.

To be a good 'orator' we're told to:
1. Make eye contact.
2. Have a point and stick to it.
3. Speak clearly.
4. Adjust your speech for your audience.
5. Don't use one tone the entire speech.
6. Don't patronize.
7. Speak up.
8. Be honest.

Is Trump a good 'orator'? When speaking in public does he display Passion and Focus, use suitable Body Language, Put on a show and Keep it simple?



Using the criteria above, he lacks focus and honesty. Also, i believe condescension, mockery and bullying can count in the patronization category.
Having watched him, I'd say he scores high on Emotion, but very poorly on actual content. His emotional tone is high, he's good at invoking reactions in his audience, but his speeches are low on actual sense, are muddied and full of internal logical conflicts.

I think he scores in the minus figures for honesty...
he's a showman
he knows how to sell "snake oil"
his audience loved it - they haven't asked for their money back -- yet
He fails 2,5,6 and 8. It's like one of those loud late night TV commercials that they play over and over.
He also has the worst hair I've ever seen.

It can't be a wig- it's just too bad!

And what is worse, he's a liar!
I would have thought that the very point of oratory was to convince and sway people in a particular direction. Trump has obviously done that in spite of the power of the world's media!