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The presidential inauguration of Trump is notable for who won’t be performing: few acts that are household names and even fewer that are A-listers.

Who is now calling the shots I wonder?  Celebrities? The album-buying public? Boycotts reinforce the power of the marketplace by making celebrities, rather than the law-makers, the focus of political action.

The lack of star power at the inauguration allows Trump to re-brand the festivities for the working man. It reinforces his anti-establishment message and will just play  into his hands.


"Who is now calling the shots I wonder?"

I'm confused. The majority of the country are unhappy with Trump already. He has the lowest approval rating of any president in modern times at the point of getting inaugurated.

Pretty much most celebrities were in favor of Clinton to begin with. The fact that Trump has basically tried not at all to be nice to the rest of the country and has been openly hostile to everyone has hurt him.

"The lack of star power at the inauguration allows Trump to re-brand the festivities for the working man."

The "working man" generally likes the star power which is missing. There is literally almost nobody anyone has ever heard of playing his inauguration. About the biggest name he has is Lee Greenwood, who is known for his song "God Bless the USA". From his comments, Greenwood is very, very conservative.
"The Roost" is the struggle within the republican party
They absolutely HAVE TO repeal the healthcare
they have been promising that for four years
but they have nothing to replace it with

Trump wants universal health care
some republicans adamantly oppose any government health policy and would like to revoke medicare and medicaid
there is no reliable plan on how to pay for any of the republican schemes that have been floated
no one knows just what would happen when they repeal Obama care

And the "workingman" wants STARS!
this inauguration is an embarrassment for Trump
he who bills himself as "the greatest" can't even get the starts who supported him to turn out

the majority of the country did not vote for him
the majority of the country is not with him
what does the "snake oil salesman" do now that the show is no longer touring with the tent show?

Edited at 2017-01-19 17:26 (UTC)
That "working man" comment is a real head scratcher. The working man in the USA loves its celebrities and sports "stars." Also, the majority of "working men" did not vote for him. And when he starts acting more and more like a spoilt billionaire, I can predict they will be even less happy.
When he gets into trouble he can always turn to those who wield real power in US, the media and "celebrities" for help.