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Trump's 'Make America Great Again' slogan has run rings around the media. No institution has yet been able to constrain him. A white America that has been experiencing  low self-esteem has liked his transgressive nature. Unlike main stream politicians he dares to say what should not be said. He is listening to 'real' Americans and speaking 'their' language.

In order to give way to liberals and celebrities certain things had to be repressed. Some things, like educational systems,  are not talked about. A great liberal edifice has been constructed. But under Trump all that repressed material is coming back and is being voiced in a way that is exciting! Trump is giving people permission to give voice to what they were made ashamed of, eg. racism and other fault lines. People have been forced to live with one another in a different way, with greater inclusivity and equality. Trump is saying "Despite everything that is happening in this country I know how you are really feeling and I'll give you permission to express it".

Whites now see themselves as a minority in their own country. Soon the States will become a non-white nation. When whites start identifying themselves as white  they will have found a new voice. It is the liberals and the media that have brought about this identity politics with emphasis on gender, sex, colour, religion, etc. Identity has been important in America since the 1960s - Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc., but traditional 'white' Americans are now seeing themselves as different too. I think liberals and the media have a great deal to answer for.


Oh come on!

You know that Trump is a populist nationalist racist hatemonger?

You know that he's a misogynist and homophobe?

You know he despises the working class he purports to represent- slave labour and cannon fodder and good for nothing else?

You know he'd like people like me dead?

Do you know what the entire non white population of the US is in actual terms? Just under 23% That's hardly the stuff of a mass takeover.

Please stop trying to justify this dangerous idiot!

trying to stir up your readers are you?

lol yeah we got the "snake oil sales man" now
wait till the buyers open the bottle and find the contents evaporated
no wall - no jobs - health care keeps rising and no insurance
and the rich get richer including DJT

my neighbors all voted for him
his talk made them feel important
they wanted "something" - for "it" to be "better"
all just vague feel good
talk is cheap
and now?
How is it a 'white' country when First Americans were there thousands of years before the British and the Spanish there centuries earlier? (Probably also the Chinese as well. I'll grant you the Scandinavians popped in for a bit, but they wrote it off not long after.) And as to identity politics being only important since the 1960s, two words: Civil War.