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Yesterday's Women's March in cities around the world was not about Donal Trump's election as President of America. It was a pro-abortion march, and a pro-abortion march is no solution: it is a big part of the problem. It could have been an opportunity to reach across divides and try to find some dialogue amid the different sides of religious liberty and birth control/abortion issues.

When New Wave Feminists signed up to co-sponsor the march, they were thrown out for being pro-life. This is what New Wave Feminists say about themselves:

"[We] are here to take feminism back from those who have corrupted it. Sometime before we were born our womanhood was traded for a handful of birth control pills, the "privilege" to degrade ourselves in Playboy, and the "right" to abort our children".

"The problem with mainstream feminism's "solutions" (like abortion) is that it presumes our equality must LOWER us to a flawed standard. With abortion, they said, "Now you, too, can walk away from responsibility." Rather than RAISING men to a standard that would be not only better for the world, but better for them, in every way." - Bureeda Bruner

Why does Madonna's talk about blowing up Trump's White House not make headlines?



Dear Man, that is their version
and yes some women pro and anti choice had problems with the march

CHOICE is what it is about!
no one is forcing a woman to have an abortion!
those women who are against it are free to present their views and refuse the procedure
but they want to prevent women for whom it is a necessary choice from having the procedure
where is compromise in that situation?

just what standard does Ms Bruner want to raise men to?
what has a man got to do with women's health?
termination of pregnancy is not a decision made lightly
(despite what anti-choice women would like to believe)

from your statement is she also against birth control?
do we really want to return to the days of women dying in childbirth?
dying from too many pregnancies too soon?
leaving children behind without a mother?

What does Playboy have to do with women's health?

Great speech by Madonna!
i was there in the 60's when the second wave started
i know what the bad old days were like
time to start marching again
I've looked at about five hundred photos from the march yesterday in LA, Boston, and NYC as well as DC and I don't remember one about abortion.
I really don't think you quite got it. Some of the marchers were pro-abortion, but many of them had no obvious feelings about it one way or the other.

They are unhappy about the withdrawal of free health screening for breast cancer and for cervical cancer.

They are unhappy about a position of power being given to a man who sees it as his right to force his sexual attentions on women because he is rich and they can be frightened off taking him to court.

They are unhappy about the plans to remove their health care for long term conditions such as endometriosis. They are unhappy about the withdrawal of funding for treatment for infertility...

If I had been younger and American I would have been marching, because the new president would believe that I should either have to risk death by another pregnancy against medical advice, or no longer be able to have 'marital relations', as provision of contraceptives are also being put at risk - which you are required to be pleased about, I realise - but I was very glad that it was available to me.

Some of the marchers are unhappy about abortion being forced back to illegality and the provision of untrained people with knitting needles - and I would expect you to differ with them. But then you are fortunate enough never to have been a thirteen year old raped by her father, whose body will then be damaged so badly by giving birth to the resultant offspring that she becomes infertile and can never have children with her future husband.

I personally do not believe in abortion 'on demand', but I do feel there is a time when it is the best option. However I also believe that all those people who stand outside medical facilities, calling themselves 'pro-life', should be legally required to sign papers guaranteeing that they will personally adopt the child of any woman who changes her mind about aborting a baby after talking to them. If they are not willing to do this they are, of course, only pro-pregnancy for they, too, should take full responsibility of their actions.

But that has little to do with the women who chose to walk to show their disapproval of the new President of the USA.

There was a lot more to it that simply pushing back against Republican plans (already enacted in my state) to defund the largest provider of women's health services. Here's a helpful video:


Madonna's ridiculous statements didn't make headlines because they're not newsworthy. The Secret Service will do a perfunctory investigation and that will be the end of it.

In March, the annual March for Life will take place - everyone gets their say.
Madonna's bomb statement was not meant literally
LOL i'm sure famous celebrities do not indulge in such plans
but it was an image that could be used to express an emotion
that should have been obvious
and so this post was another attempt to stir up an old topic
and it worked - at least partially
there are those of us who have nothing better to do on a grey rainy afternoon than play on L J

but does the author of the post have a reply to the cogent comments made?
I'm interested to see if he does.
Actually, it was a march about Donald Trump. It also was quite a bit a march about being pro-choice. The majority of people in the US tend to be pro-choice and a lot of them are worried about an ultra-right wing attempting to attack their civil rights.

You are not a woman- this march was about women protesting about Trump's attitudes to women- Trump is at least an abuser of women and may be much worse and he wants to control women's bodies and reproductive rights...........

We are not going to let him do this.

Not him nor any other reactionary............
I must be looking through a glass dimly from afar!
Interesting. So, from the women who marched for their heritage, the women who marched for clean water, the women who marched for education for their children, the women who marched for greater understanding of others, the women who marched for common decency and civility in public discourse, millions of women marching peacefully all around the world, and all you got from it was it was all about being pro-abortion because of the guideline that essentially said 'If you march with us, you accept others right to choice.'

I was thinking of you earlier, while reading some of the prohibitions being placed on US Government employees by executive order of the new President. I remembered how you said you didn't know if you'd be unable to stand up for what was right, because of your compulsion to obey authority.