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I see Donald Trump has angered liberals and feminists again. A new report suggests that he has told the female staff of his administration that they need to always "dress like women" when at work.

He certainly gives a good example to men by his own professional standard of attire at all times.

Maybe we need someone like Donald Trump to set out a proper dress code  for politicians in Ireland. Fancy having a politician appear in US Congress Meetings dressed like Michael Wallace in our Irish Dáil! He probably considers himself to be representing the 'ordinary working man' by appearing in this 'get up'.


Please explain to me what "dressing like a woman" at work actually means to you?

Does it involve heels? If so, I'll cause myself debilitating back pain that ends up preventing me from walking when men have the same requirement. Skirts? That one in particular would surprise me, as isn't showing off legs-- because that is exactly why he wants women in skirts-- something your religion frowns on? How about make up? Jewelry. Isn't that licentious? If it isn't, again, I'll wait until men are required to spend hundreds of dollars on both before I expend the money myself as a business requirement. And hey, can't forget the up-charge for buying all those shoes and skirts that are made with less fabric but still somehow cost at least twice as much.

If "dressing like women" only required pants, shirt, and a jacket all of a particular fabric and cut, plus non-heeled shoes, I suspect the "liberals and feminists" you reference would not be so angry.

I also suspect that our Groper in Chief wouldn't want it, if that was the case. He's not doing this out of a sense of required business attire. He's doing it so he can ogle more women.

Doesn't your religion actively proscribe against that? Or doesn't it matter when you can engage in sartorial misogyny at the same time?
Have read it.
Well. Is that a request for me to read something? Or a confirmation that you have read something?
Last I heard, women in DC were dressing like women. They weren't naked.

Thirty years ago, I worked for a hotel chain owned by a Muslim, the Aga Khan. When I signed the contract, the dress code was included - no trousers, no "vulgar" attire.
I accepted that, because the Aga Khan and his male relatives always treated the female staff with the utmost respect.

I would never want to work for somebody like Donald Trump. His attitude is not respect for women, his is lecherous behaviour. He wants to impose his will and his opinion, that women are there for his taking, as he has stated so often.

The fact, that you are so defending ad lauding him saddens me much. It is, for me, a measure of moral degradation.
The fact, that you are so defending ad lauding him saddens me much. It is, for me, a measure of moral degradation.

This is what I cannot understand. People who claim to be religious and moralistic-- and often genuinely are-- who look at the current Pres (*spits*) as someone who is both religious and moral when there is absolutely no evidence of either. This is a man who abuses women, denigrates men, cares for absolutely no one but himself, and has a history of breaking any and almost every promise he's ever made.

And yet, they all still do it. The cognitive dissonance is horrifying. Or maybe it's just that they're so blinded by certain perceived gains that they're willing to let everything else burn.
Yeah, that look would not work in Congress.

However, trying to compare this with Trump's sexism is not at all the same thing. Please stop the false equivalence. He's angered the majority of the country; you make it sounds like "liberals" and "feminists" are bad things; they aren't...
I have said NOTHING about Trump's reference to women or their attire.

I have hoped that our own male politicians would learn how to dress correctly when in public.
Yes, but actually you did?

I see Donald Trump has angered liberals and feminists again. A new report suggests that he has told the female staff of his administration that they need to always "dress like women" when at work.

You then changed the topic to your own wishes for Irish politicians. In terms of a dress code for men, I have absolutely no comment at all, in my country or any other. I can sympathize with both sides.

But when you say things like "angered liberals and feminists" and take what is absolutely a comment about harassment and misogyny before awkwardly shoe-horning it into another agenda, don't be surprised when people take umbrage at that part of it.

Frankly, this idea that the current Pres is somehow different because he's enforcing a business attire dress code for men is ludicrous. They all do it. It was a multi-day story when Obama made the cardinal sin of actually taking his jacket off during a meeting. He was still dressed in business attire, I might add-- collared shirt, dress pants and shoes, a tie. He just took off the jacket.

So yes, actually, I stand by my reaction to your comment about your reference to the current Pres and women's attire. You are, once again, attempting to conflate issues and doing so in a manner best described as "troll". Why are you surprised when people react accordingly?
But you did - that is what the second sentence of your post says.

And, oddly enough, all the presidents before this one dressed in a very similar fashion to him - but I don't remember, when you last posted a picture of that member of the Dáil, that you suggested he dress like President Obama...

Is there a good reason why female members of the White House staff should not also wear a tailored suit with a shirt and tie in the same way as Mr Trump does?
what a fine figure of a man he is that Michael of yours

someone once said "clothes do not a man make"
clean and covered is all that is necessary
it's the intelligence and passion for justice that counts

and do, please, leave "liberals and feminists" out of it
to borrow from Gilbert and Sullivan, "They have nothing to do with the case"
especially, the case you are trying to make
your reference is a gratuitous swipe at people you like to blame but have no place in this argument
it weakens your presentation
I think it is appropriate for a president to ask both men and women who work at the White House to dress professionally. Clothes should be clean, neat and not of extreme styles, so that everyone can focus on the work of governing.

But to say that the female staffers should dress "like women" implies that part of their job is to please the male gaze. That whether or not they look pleasing *to men* is part of how well they do their jobs.

And that's disrespectful and sexist. It doesn't surprise me a bit: DT has a long history of treating women as objects and placing more emphasis on whether they attract him than on how well they do their jobs. But it does make me sad. We are going to have so much ground to recover as a nation by the time this horrifying man is out of office.
I'm someone who has been to the White House; just to get in you had to be dressed up and that was for a tour. There is no question that the staff would be dressing up daily anyway.
Your man is fine as he is. We'll always need non-conformists around - how else will we be made to consider our attitudes?

I hadn't realised that up until now all women in the Whitehouse had been cross-dressing. I'm quite shocked.
"angered liberals and feminists"

Liberal: the quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude. 2. a political and social philosophy advocating individual freedom, representational forms of government, progress and reform, and protection of civil liberties. 3. (sometimes cap.) the principles and practices of a liberal party in politics.

Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

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yes, but what do either of those things have to do with your complaint about Michael dresses?

and while i am here
just what does "dress like a woman" mean?
almost every woman i know now dresses with pants and "flat" shoes - yes, women who are seen in the media (all kinds of media) wear heels and many wear skirts

but in the words of Sojourner Truth "ain't i a woman" in pants and flats?
People seem to not like me using those words.
Maybe it's how you tend to use them as a pejorative?
they are fine and noble words with fine and noble meanings
but you seem to think that the words denote something negative - or that is the impression you leave
I dunno, I'd sooner a politician cared about the important things, and didn't give an arse about how he was dressed, than be a narcissistic psychopathic misogynist in a nice suit.
What does a woman dress like?

Sometimes I wear a skirt or heels or makeup or jewellery and sometimes I don't.

There's this thing called choice- something Trump only seems to believe belongs to white males.

I said nary a word about how women dressed. My post was about how MEN dressed.
But you quoted that reactionary, dangerous idiot Trump on the subject.
but that first sentence with its reference to feminists left the impression that the dress of women played some part in your post

perhaps you did not intend that
indeed, your post was about wanting a dress code for men in your parliament

guilt by association, i'm afraid
*He certainly gives a good example to men by his own professional standard of attire at all times.*

What a shame the man inside the suit is ugly - corrupt and disgusting. Is that the good example you mean?
my kind of guy :-)
(the one on the photo I mean ;-))

Edited at 2017-02-04 19:42 (UTC)