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RTÉ  is our Irish National, public funded, TV and Radio station. The Late Late Show is Ireland's most popular and prestigious television show and is the longest running chat show in the world. It is an Irish institution and today is still the most popular programme on television in Ireland. It is a unique concept in the television world, offering a two hour live show each Friday comprising a mix of some of the biggest celebrities the world has to offer, mixed with uniquely Irish stories, people and talking points of the day.

But the Late Late Show keeps plumbing new depths. I read that on last Friday night, anticipating Valentine's Day, the show, where all the live audience members had to be single, handed out hampers of lubricants, 'pleasure rings' and condoms as Dickie Rock sang, 'That's Amore'.

Whatever else was going on, apparently, it wasn't amore. Many of my friends who normally watch the show were absolutely disgusted with its vulgarity, crudeness, and innuendo.


Oh dear. Ireland talking about sex. Good, it's about time.
Much better using a condom than not. I think it's about time Ireland grows up and looks at sex responsibly.

- Erulisse (one L)
That sounds fairly responsible of them. Odd that it was televised, but I don't see it being disgusting.

In college we literally had groups hand packages with condoms out on Valentine's Day to promote safe sex. I thought it was actually a wonderful idea.
Oh my!
Oh, my to what exactly?!
Oh my! I forgot that smoking, drugs, and liberal 'safe' sex are expressions of what is called 'women's lib'.
I don't see anyone having mentioned drugs or smoking.

Please try to be serious. You act like women's rights are bad things; they aren't. Also, safe sex isn't a bad thing. And, while I'm not sure why you mentioned "women's lib" I'll remind you that I'm not a woman.
must confess i don't know much about "pleasure rings" lol

but the rest seem like good ideas

sex isn't like it used to be - thank goodness

both the man and woman enjoying it and taking care only to have a wanted pregnancy - that sounds like amore
concern for the welfare of the partner is love

irresponsible sex is one person taking advantage of the other and no regard for possible pregnancy
I fear our TV shows are going downhill too.