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I love this picture. What can it signify to you?

A piece of art that is lyrical, mysterious, asks questions and makes you think?

Could it mean: "Do the right thing even when there is no point to it - it's the principle that counts"?

Or could it refer to people who feel they are helpless and locked within their private hell - when all the time they can find the way out, if they look.


We came across a stile in exactly the same sort of position recently and it really does make you ponder! :o)
It looks like from the wear on the ground that many people do walk through it.
They probably walk through it to have their companions take photos...

It's a metaphor: why go to the trouble of meeting some obstacles head-on when you can simply walk around them?
Trodden ground like that takes a long time to regenerate. Perhaps it's been left up to avoid aggravating the problem.
Might it be saying something to Mr. Trump?
Hopefully it is telling him "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!"
"Please Close Gate"
the request of people with closed minds
the request of people who want to shut our other people - other ideas - other options
Please Close Gate - make my ideas/opinions the only ones
but as the picture shows - people - ideas - opinions find their way around a closed gate
freedom is a well trodden path