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Xi Jimping is President of the People's Republic of China since 2013.

On this day in 2012, when vice-president, he visited Ireland for three days during which he visited a number of tourist sites around the country. In spite of concerns about our government's warm welcome of the man, he signed several trade agreements.

He took time out to visit the HQ of two of our national games, Hurling and Gaelic football. He watched some leading exponents of the games and even tried his hand at them himself but without great success.

He also tried an Irish Coffee!



ah a true Irish coffee!!
what they call "irish coffee" here is a joke
but i have had the real thing
our favorite restaurant in New Jersey is owned by a man who was once a busboy at the place where the crew of the movie The Quiet Man stayed.
He named his restaurant The Quiet Man.
He was a friend of Maureen O Hara until her death. She often came to visit him in New Jersey

real Irish coffee is a delight!