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In Ireland, the provision of acceptable water services here has now become an enormous problem that won't go away. The two major political parties cannot agree on whether the service should be paid for or not!. It will eventually drag them all under the surface and before too long they'll be drowning!

For the last two days the Pontifical Academy of Sciences have been holding a seminar in the Vatican on “the human right to water.” The initiative is intended to encourage a “culture of water.” On Wednesday last, the Pope lamented that “water gives us life, helps us in everything, but to exploit minerals water is often contaminated.

For the Academy of Sciences, the efforts for the protection and management of water can contribute to peace and to the prevention of conflicts, stressing that political and economic interests must not prevail over human life.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2014 some 748 million people did not have access to drinking water. The Vatican reminds us that it is a “right that does not admit discord” and an “essential condition for a fitting life.” The Academy encourages the implementation of “juridical, technical, social and political mechanisms that make possible the building of a genuine culture of water."
It says that the protection of water resources, education to the protection of water and access to water must become a priority in governments’ agendas.  It deplored that many local Constitutions do not yet provide for the right to water.

Will our politicians listen?


I'm convinced that future wars may be about water.
I'm inclined to agree.