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There's a lot to be said for brevity.
This little psalm, the shortest in the Book, calls on us to acknowledge God's supremacy.
There's so much to praise God for.


i remember a setting of that to chant
hadn't thought of it for years
now i'm singing it in my head
thank you : )
I appreciate that sort of brevity!

Yeah. No... all I get is creepy cult vibe. Because so very often, when they say praise the lord, they mean praise the priest and the church. Which is not cool. Ever.

I have no problem saying a sincere and heartfelt "Hey dude, thanks for everything", to the Creator, should we meet. But in my book, gratitude and respect does not include fawning.

But then, if you accept the basic premise of the Creator, I am the way he made me. So he'd dig it.
And 119 is one of the longest iirc?
Yes to unceasing praise!
Yes to unceasing praise!