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Today is Women's Day in many parts of the world. Greetings to all my women readers.

Yesterday the Vatican announced the creation of a “Women’s Consultation Group,” a permanent body within the Pontifical Council for Culture, which is ready to offer in an unprecedented way the unique contributions of women. It is a diverse group of about 50 that will ensure that women’s voices and points of view don’t fall on deaf ears, but rather are appreciated and acknowledged.

Never before did the Vatican have a group of this nature, which is consulted for their unique insights, especially for upcoming events.
They say that they "are not feminists". Their diversity, particularly in terms of vocation, career, background, etc, will offer possibilities to better touch the world’s Catholics, through the unique insight of women.


what a pity that they can not admit that they are indeed feminists
every woman who believes in the equality and dignity of a woman is a feminist

it will be interesting to see if they have any influence

in the 1980s American Bishops tried to formulate a document on women
Diocesan committees were set up - women were sent questionaires
i remember filling mine out
it came to nothing
the bishops finally admitted "there was too much diversity of opinion"
what there really was that the majority of American women disagreed with church policy where it effected women

so is it "here we go again"?

and this coming so shortly after the last survivor of priestly molestation - a woman - left that commission because she could no longer stay with a group that refused to take any action

what confidence can a woman have that the Vatican really cares?

Pope Frank cares
but he is one man
being pope doesn't mean much when the underlings don't listen and refuse to act
Which I suspect is most of your readers! :o)

"Never before did the Vatican have a group of this nature"

Would that be because you've never before had such a forward thinking, and progressive Pope?

I wonder why they deny being feminists when that is what their actions depict them as being?