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La, ci darem la mano

Surely this version of Mozart's duet, sung by Bryn Terfel and Rennée Fleming, must be the most beautiful. I love it.

La, ci darem la mano.  (summary)

G. That little house is mine and there, my jewel, we will be married.

G. Give me thy hand, oh fairest,
    Whisper a gentle 'Yes',
    Come, if for me thou carest,
    With joy my life to bless.

Z. I would, and yet I would not,
     I dare not give assent,
     Alas! I know I should not...
     Too late, I may repent.

G. Come, dearest, let me guide thee

Z.  Masetto sure will chide me!

G. Danger shall ne'er come nigh thee!

Z. Ah ... that I could deny thee!

G. Let's go! Let's go!

Z. Let's go!

Both.   With thee, with thee, my treasure,
            This life is nought but pleasure,
            My heart is fondly thine.


they both have glorious voices
and it is so Mozart!

thank you for this
Ummh... you do know that this scene is between the notorious philanderer, Don Giovanni (married) and Zerlina, betrothed to somebody else? Don Giovanni simply trying to get yet another credulous naive girl into his bed? I love the music too, have sung it myself as Zerlina many years ago, but the text behind it..I have never liked it.

But then, you are an admirer of Donald Trump, so you probably know and condone all this. Sadly. Not my idea of catholic morals, but what can I say....
And P.S.: the original version is "la mi dirai di si", there you will say yes to me - double sense with the marriage vow, but obviously, Don Giovanni has something completely different in his mind....
There are plenty of Don Giovannis in the world - not many Terfels. There are also many Zerlinas. I wonder who is really seducing whom in this so well-acted and sung passage?
If you read the Italian text, it becomes very clear who is the active part. And if we want to argue details, he is the married one, she's only betrothed yet. But I know I am preaching into the wind.. you have made your stance on this issue clear already when talking about D. Trump. If somebody is important enough, who cares about what commandments he breaks or how immorally he behaves.. Got it.
"I am a practicing pagan (and yes, I love to sing in catholic churches. Absolutely compatible), and congenitally un-conventional.
I have the utmost respect for anybody who has made different choices from mine, and expect the same in return".
We aren't talking choices here. We are talking opinions. And here I allow myself to question the coherence of defending catholic values and at the same time adoring unashamed philanderers, be it real world politicians, be it fictive heroes...
The Don meets a suitably sticky end of course.

I wish you'd given the words in the original Italian where even a dodgy sexual predator sounds sexy.