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During the last few years we have heard  much in the media about sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church. Why don't child sex abuse scandals involving the UN get similar publicity?

They are happening today.  Cases have exposed a glaring weakness in a world body that considers human rights one of its three main pillars: It has no specific guidelines on how to handle allegations of child sexual abuse, and no requirement for immediate, mandatory reporting. That sounds exactly like the Catholic Church up until a few years ago. A  United Nations whistleblower who was suspended for exposing the sexual abuse of children by peacekeepers has resigned over the organisation’s failure to hold senior officials to account.

Those who believe in the UN hang on in there despite the myriad scandals that have engulfed that organisation. Why? Because they believe in its ideals. For its strongest supporters, the UN represents the dream of eventual peace and unity in the world, the universal reach of human rights law. The UN is every bit as universalist in its ambitions as Christianity. But it has been beset by every possible scandal, including the sexual abuse of children by so-called 'peacekeepers'. Do those people who believe in what the UN stands for walk away from it because of its many (and under-publicised) scandals? They don't. The best of them seek to reform it and make it better. The worst of them cover up the scandals, just like the Church.

In 2015 The UN chief  ordered an external investigation into how it handled allegations of child sexual abuse by French soldiers in Central African Republic, saying the world body hopes to ensure it "does not fail the victims of sexual abuse, especially when committed by those who are meant to protect them".

A year after the UN first heard accounts by children as young as nine of French soldiers giving them food or water in exchange for sodomy or oral sex, no arrests have been made. Confidential statements by the UN's top human rights officials show they were distracted by budget cuts and other issues and didn't follow up on the allegations with the French for more than half a year.


This is the first I've heard about this outrage. Hopefully not the last- this needs to be stamped out and the perpetrators jailed. As if the poor kids didn't already have enough problems they get abused by the "heroes". Grrrr.
They do!

As they should whoever the perpetrators might be.

That's why you're able to read about them.
A lot of these things are about "Do we care about knocking the perpetrators down a peg?" and "Do we care about the victims?"

In cases where the victims are not white, we do not care about the victims. I think that is part of why Sandusky got away with what he was doing for so long. The victims were not white. This apparently got a lot of media coverage in China because "look at those twisted capitalists!"

The warlords that the US was working with in Afghanistan were also sodomizing people. Maintaining alliances with those warlords served US interests.