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A Sky News investigation has found children as young as four working in Congolese mines where cobalt (lithium-ion) is extracted for smartphones. The mineral is an essential component of batteries for smartphones and laptops, making billions for multinationals such as Apple and Samsung. 60 percent of the world’s cobalt originates in Congo — a chaotic country rife with corruption and a long history of foreign exploitation of its natural resources.

With little regulation requiring companies to trace their cobalt supply lines, the chances are your smartphone contains a battery with cobalt mined by children. There are thousands of unofficial, unregulated, unmonitored mines where men, women and children work in what can only be described as slave conditions. Exposure to cobalt and breathing in its dust fumes can cause long-term health problems.


i don't have either smart phone or laptop

perhaps we need a stronger United Nations to improve conditions all over the world
western nations seem preoccupied with their own "problems" right now
I don't possess a smart phone nor do I want to and you are absolutely correct to suggest that we occasionally need to look closely at material sources in some of the things we consider 'essential'.