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Have a Lenten Burger

During Lent many Catholics forgo meat on Fridays. So, this being a Friday in Lent, I decided to have a fish burger. Not bad mind you, but I wouldn't be overdoing it.

Lou Groen, I understand, owned the first McDonald's restaurant in Cincinnati. The people in his neighbourhood were predominantly Catholic as was he himself. During Lent he found he was making next-to-nothing on Fridays. So, in 1962, he came up with the idea of a fish sandwich made with real fish! McDonald's call it 'Filet-O-Fish'.

It has become popular with people who do not eat meat-based products or with dietary restrictions concerning meat-based products. For example, in Islam, the fish used in the sandwich is considered halal even without special preparation, while other meats require special slaughter techniques to be halal. In Judaism, too, the fish used in the sandwich is considered kosher even without special preparation. I understand that farmed pollock or red cod fillets are now used.

The composition of the sandwich has changed over the last 50 years or so to satisfy taste and supply shortcomings, but the basic framework ingredients have remained the same; a battered fried breaded fish fillet, a steamed bun, tartar sauce, and pasteurized processed cheese.


I used to like Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, though I don't think I would want one now. Interesting that it was developed for Lenten Fridays.
on the Eastern Shore of Maryland they tried it with Old Bay seasoning
didn't really go over well

Old Bay is what is used with crabs
I don't eat either meat or fish but I wouldn't say no to a decent veggie burger! :o)
I could do without meat myself - but I eat what our cook gives us!
You can't have any veggies among your number then- perhaps surprising these days! :o)