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I'm not really a bird-watcher but this afternoon, while taking my daily stroll, I was facinated by a pigeon resting quietly in the crevice of the ancient town wall. She just sat there looking at me for ages. I felt I could have had a conversation with her.  Isn't nature just something else!

It's a pity that all too often in Ireland respect for wildlife is sorely lacking. For many of our politicians it seems to be an obstacle to progress or, at best, an inconvenience. The country's wildlife deserves better  than this. Apart from its beauty and intrinsic worth, it benefits agriculture, tourism, clean air and water, mental health and the well-being of every person on the island.

Sad to say, at present there are Government proposals to weaken protection for nesting birds by an unwarranted extention of the dates for hedge-cutting and scrub-burning. Hedgerows are real corridors of wildlife. Legally, they may only be cut during certain periods by public bodies, for reasons of public health or safety.

27 wild fires, illegally  set, were recorded during the bird nesting season last year.  15 of those occurred in areas designated for wildlife conservation. Burning vegetation on hills results in destruction of wildlife habitats and is a key factor in the decline of many of Ireland’s upland birds. What a pity to see this happening.


I'm sorry to hear this! It's easy to destroy natural habitats, and quite difficult to rebuild them. And besides, by the time you try to rebuild a lot of the wildlife has died off. Perhaps you can vote in some more eco-minded politicians?
It's fire season here as well. It's so sad when its started from a cigarette or just the plain heat. We haven't had rain in quite some time. The daily rain doesn't start usually until June-ish.
Unfortunately, fires are often deliberately caused by greedy farmers trying to extend their tillage or grazing lands.
I'd happily get rid of all pigeons but agree ref guarding wildlife in general. One of the good things over here has been the resurgence of buzzards, which are now everywhere and the reintroduction of red kites - one of which I sometimes see hunting over the field at the back of our garden.
I live near a school where children throw bread away and small birds help themselves to it. Unfortunately a buzzard sits high on the spire of the nearby church and swoops on the poor small birds.
Ah, but as I say to my daughter when the sparrowhawk comes and kills pigeons in our garden, "They can't feed their chicks on carrots."