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This being the fourth of May we hear the greeting "May the Fourth be with you."

All day today I have been hearing it on the radio and in conversation! The Jedi in the Star Wars universe frequently use the greeting “May the Force be with you.” Where did George Lucas get the idea for it, I wonder?

I suppose the origin of the phrase is found in the Bible. George was raised in a Methodist family and may have heard the phrase there, or while attending Christian services.

The phrase is first found in the Book of Ruth, “And behold, Bo′az came from Bethlehem; and he said to the reapers, ‘The Lord be with you!’ And they replied, ‘The Lord bless you'” (Ruth 2:4). It  is the greeting of the landowner Boaz to his harvesters and was was used by the Hebrews on everyday occasions to express good wishes in the Lord.

It is also found in (2 Chronicles): "The Lord is with you, while you are with him.” and in (2 Corinthians): “The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.” The phrase quickly became an essential part of the liturgy and life of the early Christians on account of its basis in Scripture and usage in everyday greetings.

Apparently the phrase used in Star Wars was intentionally derived from this Christian blessing and should remind us of the influence Christianity still has in the most unlikeliest places.

So on this day, "May the Lord be with all my readers".


et cum spiritu tuo!

I rather like the spiritual aspects to Star wars, the reminder of good and bad, the greater aspects to life.
When I was a young Episcopalian, we responded "And with thy spirit." Today I send good vibrations.