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What does it mean to be anti-something? We have so much anti-ism about these days - anti-religion, anti-racist, anti-Catholic, anti-Trump, anti-Muslim, anti-EU, anti-gay, anti-same sex marriage, anti-abortion, etc. Is it a complaint or a statement or an observation of a reality? What does it mean to be anti-something?

Last week the Archbishop of Dublin spoke about the relentless comdemnation of the Church and a constant emphasis on the bad things about it in the media.  There is, of course, plenty about the Church or Trump or racism we can call fair criticism and which is well deserved.

But how do we recognize what is really anti-Church, anti-Trump, anti-racist? Surely it is, as the Archbishop says, when there is an endless, constant criticism which gives credit for nothing and focuses on the bad in something or institution. It is when one puts the worst interpretation on everything.


Personally, I can't think of any positive interpretations of racism. If failing to see a silver lining around the dark cloud that is racism makes me an anti-racist, I happily accept that title. Heck, I claim it regardless.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty anti-Trump, too. I'm mostly neutral on the church; it has good and bad points. I do agree that, on a local level at least, I suspect it accomplishes far more good than it's often given credit for. And the current Pope is pretty great, as far as Popes go.
But when do I become a racist? When do I become anti-Trump? When I do not agree with his decision to implement a different provision for Medical care?
i answer your questions with more questions

i am involved with small groups working on local projects
we always include African-Americans
but that is a clumsy mouthful - to always use it as a descriptive
so, i ask new people- do you mind if i use the term "black?
is that racist?

if i take a long look at Donald J and conclude he does not represent my values am i then anti-Trump?

and to add to it
are women who are "pro-life" actually anti- women?
can you deny your sister the liberty she needs to live her life and call yourself a feminist?
As to 3, I promised not to venture into that arena.



What's badly needed in this situation is an antidote -something that counteracts an evil. (Definition from Oxford dictionary)

Re: Anti-isms

I like it! You're probably right but it would have to be a strong antidote.