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There was a great brouhaha in Ireland last week about Stephen Fry's 'blasphemy' on a TV programme. It set me thinking about the ancient Ten Commandments of Judaism and Christianity. For thousands of years they provided a code of conduct that honoured family, protected life, secured property, defined boundaries, enhanced trust and secured a sound foundation for cohesive and productive social interaction. They seem to have endured because they offered a blueprint for navigating the human struggle to live well with other humans.

Have they anything to say to us in this digital age? Could you name them?

They still talk to us about healthy relationships (parent-child relationships, adultery). They remind us to slow down and reflect (Sabbath). They help us to use social media well (engaging rather than lurking on social media). They point us outside ourselves (no selfies, we aren’t the centre of the universe). They help us express our values (profanity, taboos). They help protect our personal property (hacking, plagiarism, theft). They set out the value of human life (innocent life, violent crime rates, war, murders).


I'm somewhat amused at the fact you've chosen to represent them by a graphic using the palaeo-Hebrew script that the Jews stopping using during the Babylonian Exile two and a half thousand years ago, but also on tablets with rounded tops, which is a mediaeval Christian artistic innovation.

(You're probably also not aware that this representation shows the breakdown of the text into commandments according to the majority Jewish view, and not according to the majority Christian and minority Jewish view.)
Thanks for that. I merely thought that the graphic represents the long, long history of the Commandments.