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A Strange Desire in us

"When you think about it, a wholesale attack on religion is actually an attack on human history, human nature and the human race because the religious instinct is so natural to us and so universal and has such various forms and is so old that you can't separate religion from humanity itself and pretend you can attack one without attacking the other as well".  (David Quinn)

"Even Sartre acknowledged as much when he claimed that man's absurdity is that he desires God, but there is no God". (Paul Rhodes)


So much of religion is just a way of suppressing others (such as women or poor people or whoever you don't like), it's amazing that religion has continued for this long. There may in fact be a god, but he/she probably wants nothing to do with organized religion as expressed for thousands of years.
If it's that amazing, perhaps you should revisit your premise.
it's the practice of it that makes me want to run in the opposite direction

god/goddess is a great idea
but the distortions and sick piety that people attach to it are a turn off
> the religious instinct is so natural to us and so universal <

Let me make a proforma argument; that religious instinct is overcome with the agnostic wisdom of apatheism.