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"And peace comes dropping slow"

"And peace comes dropping slow."  Yeats in Lake Isle of Inishfree.

What the hell is this peace we hear so much about?

At a personal level, I suppose, it's a state of spiritual tranquillity, harmony and emotional calm.

At a world level it would be a period in which there is no conflict or war. This kind of peace involves compromise and requires active listening and communication to create genuine mutual understanding. Isn't this ideal of world peace an impossible dream? The First World War was supposed to be the “war to end war”. But warfare is very much still with us in the 21st Century.

Does the ideal of world peace need to start with personal peace, or is there really no connection between these two? If so, how move from one to the other? Can the achievement of world peace be lead by any existing religious or secular organization?


The problem is now, war is a business opportunity. Old Ike warned the world about the looming threat of the Military Industrial Complex and we nodded but did nothing to stop it's relentless advance. George Orwell tried to warn us too. All warning fell against deaf ears. So long as there is money to be made from the taking of life, there will not be peace.
Interesting slant on war and peace. Thank you.
it seems "us versus them" is built into our DNA
human kind has just kept getting"better" at doing it

the atom bomb scared us enough to want to stop doing it - but that was just the developed world that had something to lose

Janis Joplin sang "freedom 's just another word for nothing left to lose"
if there is nothing worth saving then violence can be an option

but do we have the option to give up on peace?
do we surrender to violence as a way of life

the psalm says
seek peace and pursue it

and so we do - on a personal level and banded together
will we achieve it - probably not
but is it worth the try?
is the option not to better?
It is such a daunting task. At the personal level I would hope to manage it on the whole. But internationally I can't see anything being achieved. It is hopeless.
universal peace? - probably not
but each small piece of peace is better than nothing

here in the USA we point to Northern Ireland
probably not perfect but better than it was
(at least we hope so)

it must start with individuals
again, here in the USA we point to Indian Chief Joseph
"I will make war no more"

the question can be asked
what does the peace of the obscure individual add?
how does an individual with no contacts add to the peace of the world?
it is, perhaps, like the mysterious power of prayer

and the question always
what does it hurt?
it is better than nothing

freedom equals nothing left to lose

There have been over fifty different recordings of Kris Kristopherson's "Me and Bobby McGee." I was a big Gordon Lightfoot fan in the early seventies so i probably preferred his version. I can't remember whether i ever heard Miss Joplin do it.

I loved the line you cited, but always gave it a different interpretation. Wisdom teachers often speak of the relative unimportance and corruption of the material world and the spiritual value of dispossessing oneself. When we are free from the burden of possessions we can be more at peace.

Re: freedom equals nothing left to lose

When we are free from the burden of possessions we can be more at peace.
I'm with you there!

private and publc peace

I like your question but can't give it a clear yea or nay answer. There must be some connection; but there are "social forces," and
and neither privarte nor international peace depend upon the other very much.

War makes decent people into killers. As we learn more about PTSD it become unlikely that anyone participates in combat without some damage to his or her personality. .