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Inspite of modern attitudes to Church and religion there seems to be an increased interest in spirituality that comes with ageing. For many years “aging” for myself meant “getting old” and I did not want to “do” old. I'm now 85 and in good health TG.

Aging requires me to say 'yes' to the opportunities presented to me by it to adapt to the challenges of a different and perhaps difficult life, to be more aware of resources that honour aging, to access them, and explore their relevance to my spirituality. To link my years with my ever-evolving heart and soul.

The spiritual is the ultimate ground of all our questions, hopes, fears, and loves. Spirituality is a search for what is life-giving, meaningful, inspiring, and instructive. “How to be?” now that I am old. We don’t pick and choose what is meaningful; we seek or make meaning of whatever comes.

Spirituality invites us all to live with limitations, to recognize the gifts of grief and loss, and the physical distress (pain) that may or may not cause suffering. We can even see spirit itself (our mind and feelings) as a threat to the integrity of the whole person.

Dr. Gloria McArter, a counsellor and writer in Canada, encourages us, when old, to use curiousity, courage, wisdom, and worthiness to nurture good health and wellbeing.


It is good to see you - and thank you for the food for thought.
I enjoyed this perspective very much. You provided me with food for thought today. Thank you!

- Erulisse (one L)
glad to see you back!
i was worried about you

i'm getting older by the day
life is in a rough spot - but not as rough as it was a couple of months ago
courage - a bit of laughter if possible -
my mantra - Believe and Live!
what to believe is up to the individual
I am ageing, yes, but hopefully not getting old, which I believe is a created concept the way people talk about it now, as if it were a bad thing. Actually, the older I get, the more I am enjoying it. I realize now that almost 99% of everything I used to worry about or think was important was as dust in the wind. Of course I struggled much of my life with, first, undiagnosed and, second, untreated manic depression, but since I became stabilised, I have gained a different perspective on life. There will always be problems in life, but the way of meeting them has changed and I can truly say that waking up every morning is a new adventure and I sleep well at night.