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It's strange, is it not, that in order to accept something new, I must be willing to change. Yet I often resist change which is the only real constant in our lives. As I approach the limits of my comfort zone I begin to fear the challenge of change. How can I embrace and even welcome it?

Change creates fear because what I'm facing into is unknown to me. If the change threatens to involve suffering, I can lose my hope, my enthusiasm, my dreams, my happiness, and even my faith. I often need resilience to keep going.

I can’t fill a cup with coffee unless it’s empty. Change invites me to empty myself, to live differently, to readjust. I find it difficult to accept change and leave my comfort zone where everything in life is going well and just the way I want it. In order to accept change I must let go of what is old. This can be painful and the more attachments I have, the more suffering I will experience. It makes a lot of difference how I let go; in peace and gratitude for what I have experienced, or in irritation, in anger, or in a sense of victimization.

And at the moment we are faced with so many new changes in society. Like others of my generation, I find it difficult to live with them: dress codes, eating habits, sexual practices, religious beliefs and practices, relationships, feminism, politics, media, and so many more modern changes in society.


Change always seems to be difficult for many people to accept, but it's something I usually welcome because I don't want to get too rigid and embedded in my path. I liked your imagery here - the empty coffee cup was excellent!

- Erulisse (one L)
Change is a hard thing to do, IMHO. Even if it is for the better. this may be funny, but I use my phone device to help me change patterns and changed beliefs.
How does this work?
I set up reminders that pop up on my phone. Sometimes it's thoughts I am trying to change, sometimes it's a personal goal, like going to the gym and think about .... whatever I want to resolve. It sounds silly, but it works for me. I do have to admit, this hasn't been successful with the issues I have from the priest raping me when I was young. I don't think that we'll ever be at peace with that....but you know, that's ok too.
Thank you for that. I'll try something like it and hope for the best. My sympathies about the other matter.