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Pope makes donation for handicapped

Italy, it appears, is gripped by drought as the summer heat continues with no sign of rain. As the heat wave intensifies, the Italian health ministry has put Rome on red alert since 1st. August. Temperatures of around 40 degrees are forecast for the end of the week.

A charitable association, 'Work of Love' that runs and maintains part of a beach near Fiumicino airport called "La Madonnina" for disabled people, has received an unexpected donation from Pope Francis. This area of the beach is equipped with walkways for easy access in and around the area and creates an access so that children and the sick and disabled can enjoy the sea. According to the association's website, volunteers and medical personnel from the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation are on hand to ensure a "safe and enjoyable" experience for visitors.

The association says: “The idea behind the project is not of creating a ‘ghetto’ settlement, but rather a beach without architectural and mental barriers, where everyone can enjoy the sea together with its many benefits.”

The undisclosed amount donated by the pope covers the rent costs for the year for ‘La Madonnina’ beach. In a corner of the beach there is a sheltered shrine to Our Lady for those who may wish to pray or reflect during their stay at the seaside.