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Pilgrimages seem to be an answer for some.

On Tuesday last I attended the opening Ritual of the annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady's Island in Wexford.

Ireland has been engaged in pilgrimages since pagan Celtic days when people flocked to honour their Druids where they practised their mystery rites. Today, of course,  we still have our ancient Christian 'Loch Dergs' and 'Croagh Patricks'. etc. But inspite of its network of popular pilgrimages and 'holy' places, Ireland has no real 'Camino'.

Inspite too, of modern unbelief,  the world seems to be hungry for spirituality-motivated  walking tours and pilgrimages. One of the earliest centres of Christian pilgrimage in Ireland has been that to Our Lady's Island here in Wexford. How  it began we know not . Although there is no evidence of a Marian appearance as at Lourdes or Fatima, thousands flock in devotion to Our Lady's Island on many days in August and September  each year.


maybe Chaucer had an insight
"then longen folk to go on pilgimage"
a vacation - something different - with a justification
Thank you for that. I feel it certainly sums it up.