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I find the readings in Church this morning (Is 56:6-7, Rm 11-13,  Mt 15:21-28) very relevant for what is going on in Charlottesville in the US at present.

Irrespective of our race, religion, colour, or nationality there must be a dynamic tolerance that can help us embrace the other as brother or sister.

We live in paradoxical times. Inspite of growing globalization we face the reality of growing narrow-mindedness, ethnocentrism, and tribalism. Religious fundamentalism, cultural intolerance, and national jingoism, are on the rise.


the "tribalism" no matter what its form is probably to be expected

globalization was/is threatening - scary - unexpected
it has come too suddenly for some people
they were not prepared
jobs gone - a way of life gone
it is natural to want to strike back

our problem here in the USA
instead of helping communities - groups of people - to come together and find and form a creative way to be with the new realities - to be a positive "tribe"
politicians like Trump played on the fear - the desire/need to strike back

we have no leadership
we have anger - all kinds of anger - we have a desire to be safe in a world that seems unsafe

i wonder about those words of Yeats

Edited at 2017-08-20 13:17 (UTC)
Well said. I was listening to a programme on Radio 4 on my way home this afternoon and they were talking about the way in which India is also becoming more and more jingoistic and religiously intolerant and I found myself thinking how very sad it is that exactly what you describe in your last paragraph is looking as if it is the reality in which my daughter with live out her life.