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I hate tattoos. I feel that powder and paint and cheap jewellery destroy the true beauty of a girl (or boy). They are artificial. Even more so do I hate tattoos!

Originally tattoos were used by sailors from the east and were a male-only domain. Now everyone seems to wear them - horrible! Like rings in the nose or elsewhere on the body, they are thought to be decorative or symbolic. But beautiful - definitely not! I can understand when small tattooing is used to convey medical information (blood group, medical condition, etc).

Because tattooing requires breaking the skin it must carry health risks like infection and allergic reactions, not to mention the use of unsterilised equipment by the tattooist. Has he/she to be licenced? Are tattoos permanent? Is it expensive to get a tattoo?

Is getting a tattoo accepted by religious authorities? I'm sure it is hardly encouraged, although it frequently involves using religious images.


tattoos are not my thing
i'm much too old - lol

they have some sort of deep psychological meaning for the young
it varies with the person
i have been told it memorializes a person or event in the person's life
for some it is the beauty of the design and color
it is a way to claim their body as their own - subject to no one else
i've even had someone tell me they wanted the pain - it had meaning for them

here in the USA they are supposed to be licensed and inspected
I've never gotten one myself. For a long time, the reason I gave was that a person could not donate blood for a year after getting a tattoo. When I was no longer allowed to give blood because of a medication I started taking, I admitted to myself I never liked them anyway.

But some cultures, tattoos are very important. Maori tribesmen, for example. Some criminal gangs require tattoos to identify their members.

To my mind, it is like getting yourself chipped. (electronic chip for computer readers).
I absolutely love tattoos, have two of my own and would love to have more except I would have to stay away from the swimming pool while it healed. I think they are artistic and imaginative, but I also think that too many people decide on the spur of the moment instead of taking their time both with their image choice as well as the person who will give them their inkwork.

I am a proponent of black only, instead of color. Over time the color does lose its impact and fades a bit. The tats which are done in black/grey only tend to last longer and keep their impact. Both of my tats are in black.

In the US, tattoo shops are regulated and operate under the health standards of whatever locality. Almost all artists will use new ink and needles for each customer, sealed bottles that are opened in front of the client.

Allergic reactions can come into play. When there is any doubt, the artist will usually do a small test bit in an inconspicuous location just to test whether the canvas will have any allergic reaction or not.

The expense of the tattoo depends on the size and complexity of it. My tattoos were each relatively small, taking less than 90 minutes to ink on. I had a separate appointment for each of them since I was a drop-in customer and didn't have a prior appointment. A friend of mine just finished a five hour two-day session with a lovely arm and shoulder piece and I guarantee hers cost more than the approximately $100/each that I paid for mine back in the early 2000's.

As for whether or not a tattoo is accepted by religious authorities, that totally depends on the religion. There certainly are some that not only accept, but require ink.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you for your full informative post. It is good to learn the receiver's views on the subject.