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Excellent homily yesterday from our  Bishop in which he discusses five things Christians must publicly witness to:

1. The sacredness and dignity of all human life;
2. The uniqueness of love and marriage between a man and a woman that is open to the gift of children as fruit of that love.
3. The need for a fair distribution of the worlds goods
4. Welcoming the stranger and those who are persecuted
5. The importance of respecting the environment and caring for the Earth.


1 & 2 are open to interpretation

1 - what is dignity?
when does existence lacks the dignity that makes it life?
what can be done about that?
who makes the decision?

2. open to the gift of children at the time when they can be loved and nurtured - without that children do not deserve the existence that they can be condemned to
do parents make the decision when they know the time is right to accept that gift?

with the gift of the spirit does the individual control his own life?

if 3, 4 and 5 are things that depend on human decisions and actions why not also 1 & 2?

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