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This life will go by fast! Don’t criticize your body so much; don’t complain so much! Don’t lose sleep over your bills. Look for the person who makes you happy.
Don’t worry so much about buying luxuries and comforts for your home, and don’t kill yourself trying to leave an inheritance for your family. Those benefits should be earned by each person, so don’t dedicate yourself to accumulating money.
Travel; enjoy your journeys; see new places; give yourself the pleasures you deserve. Don’t put away the fine glassware. Use the new dinnerware; don’t save your favourite perfume – use it, even when you go out by yourself; wear out your favourite sports shoes; repeat your favourite clothes. So what?
Why not now? Take this challenge that is life, and do it now…….. love more; forgive more; embrace more; love more intensely and leave the rest in God’s hands.


I do like this Pope.
Where did he say that?
"This message may not have come from Pope Francis after all! After some basic research, we’ve determined that this message was posted on Facebook by a doctor in the Philippines on or about August 9th, 2017. On August 11th, it was posted on Facebook by a travel agency specializing in pilgrimages. It has been discussed thoroughly in blogs and in a few printed newspapers. It caught the attention of at least one Catholic priest who promoted the writing and added commentary. So far, we’ve not found an official statement from the Vatican to confirm its authenticity. That said, and regardless of the true author, we believe they are good words to live by!" 
I'm glad he didn't say it; now I don't have to go back to being a Presbyterian.