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Where are all the Irish men, women and children who regularly used to attend Mass every Sunday?

Some families spend Sunday at the shopping centres, which are now apparently the new temples, or at sporting fixtures. While it is certainly true that former practising Catholics no longer attend any religious service, in other countries an increasing number finds some kind of spiritual nourishment in other forms of communities.

I don't think that is so in Ireland.


I totally admit that I do not attend church on Sundays (or any other days, for that matter), but I'm Pagan and churches are really not my thing. Still, it seems a bit sad to see the numbers decreasing in Ireland. Maybe the parishioners are as disillusioned as we seem to be getting over here in the USA.

- Erulisse (one L)
the church in Ireland has had a bad press
it leaves a bad taste in the mouth
individual parishes have to reach out
they must separate themselves from the image of the "official church"
if it's "same old same old" people will want nothing to do with it

Francis has the real message
it's what people want to hear
can the Irish church speak that message in a way people can hear and listen to?