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Yesterday I was reflecting on the mystery and meaning of my existence. Nietzsche, I think, says somewhere, that nihilism suggests that life is without objective meaning. "It is an emptying of the world, and especially human existence, of meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, and essential value." Darwin says that there is no reason to assume life has any ultimate meaning or purpose.

For many of us the meaning of life is to be found in the religious conceptions of existence, social ties, and ultimate happiness. Recently Pope Francis spoke of the importance of knowing one's roots. "A person without roots, who has forgotten his roots, is sick. One must refind, rediscover one's roots and take the strength to go forward, the strength to flourish. What the tree has borne in fruit comes from what it has buried".

Life full of mysteries and possibilities!


Nietzsche had his own problems
Darwin was a depressive

i don't think big - don't think in ultimates
the world keeps going - people keep existing - that's enough for me

i have a family - i have done what it was given to me to do - some people and somethings were better for my efforts

when i was younger i asked that question - "what am i supposed to be doing?" - i never got a big answer - so, i just kept doing what came next

i guess that's my "purpose" - to do whatever has to be done in the present day i'm living - and trust - nice if you can give a big name to what you trust in - but a little name will do

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