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Christmas-tide is with us again. We Christians should abandon Christmas. It has been hijacked from us by big business and commercialisation. It no longer conjures up feelings of spirituality in people. We must accept that we have lost it and set up another feast to honour God's greatest gift to us - his love. Big business does not appreciate what real love is; love always involves giving. Big business only understands taking under the guise of giving.

If Christians were asked to complete this sentence: "When I think of Christmas, I think of . . . ".  it is safe to say that many would reply 'shopping' or 'gifts' or 'home-coming' or 'turkey dinner' or 'carols' or 'holidays' or,  sadly, 'a lonely time'.

Of course non-believers deserve and need their winter celebration too. It's an essential human dynamic. Unfortunately however, traditional Christian institutions are slow to change and secularisation and modern life will continue to take over their special occasions and celebrations.

'Christmas' no longer means Christmas.


but christians took over a very popular pagan celebration!
there was no "christmas" until the fourth century

the end of the year is always a time for celebration and party
the medieval celebration was so boisterous it ended in the "Lord of Misrule" at Twelfth Nigh aka Epiphany

Christmas had such a bad reputation that the Puritans outlawed it

from it's inception Christmas was a time of merry making
if it is the "Birthday of Jesus", do we not celebrate birthdays with a party?

maybe, what the Spirit intends is a big world wide party

don't know what happens in Ireland but in the USA the holiday buying and decorating is mixed in with giving campaigns

the Salvation Army red kettles with red hatted volunteers are everywhere
our local TV station has it's own campaign and gives the money collected to local charities - particularly those which work with children
local supermarkets urge customers to buy non perishable things and leave them in a designated place to be given to "food closets"
one car dealership had a campaign to collect winter coats/hats/gloves

maybe "God" is not mentioned in all of this
maybe it's called the "Spirit of the Holidays"
we are a multicultural multireligion country but love has no limiting name

as someone i once knew wrote for a liturgical piece
"God is love and he who abides in love abides in God and God in him"

we've had the "Christmas Culture War" here in the USA
"Keep Christ in Christmas" slogans
it got very angry - most unloving
i hope we have moved passed it
back to a position of sharing and good feeling

Advent is coming - i always loved it
it is a season of expectation and joy
(the purple vestments should go)
"pour down your blessings from above
open up o earth
and let the savior bud forth"

interesting images

let the saving grace of love come forth
no matter how it is manifested

stores stay in business providing employment because most of their profit comes in the christmas season

cooking - carols - santa - not outwardly "holy"
but if done with joy

Open up O Earth
and let the saving grace of joy and love
shine forth
at least for a few days

Edited at 2017-11-18 14:58 (UTC)
I say: Let Christians give back to the world its 'Christianized' feasts and celebrate its own in a spiritual way.
christians can always celebrate as they wish
no one is preventing them from having a celebration that feeds their needs
they can partake or abstain from what is going on around them

my only point is that perhaps the goodness that is the christmas celebration should not be contained
it can be everywhere in ways that will reach people

God can not be contained
he can manifest his gift of love however it pleases him
humans can not limithim
or maybe understand him?

so if there is good let it be celebrated
Nice circular logic. If He can not be limited, you can not decree that He may not choose one method over another, and if He can not be understood, you can not decree that He did not so choose.

(Christianity being a revealed religion, it is not a problem for us to know to such things.)
Which pagan celebration are you claiming to be the original?

Also, your fourth century claim is false. We have records of earlier times. Including records that predate the institution of the Feast of the Unconquerable Sun, so I hope you're not going to claim it was the original
i am using the standard references on my shelves
if you have other information please site them
Not only vacuous, but doesn't even attempt to answer the question posed.
ah but Mary you did not answer my question
: )
I asked a question, and you did not. And even if you had, I asked first.