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If you could go back and do it all again, and recalling the many details of your marriage, would you marry your wife/husband  again?

Options: Yes (   )   No (   )   I don’t know (   )

Consider the question for a day or two before answering.


i don't have to consider it
i just lost my husband of 50 years
he was the most wonderful person i have ever known
he was intelligent - kind - gentle - generous!!!
he was always there for me
he believed in me when i didn't
he supported all my endeavors
he laughed with me - listened to me
he was the love of my life
he changed my life completely with his love
i am who i am because of him
i will love him forever
What a wonderful accolade. Not many could claim such. So sorry you have lost him. As you say, his love will always be there as a support for you.
thank you

Never married.
Bless him. Congratulations for tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely day.
Yes. We will celebrate our 44th anniversary in December.
He is one of the truly good men in this world.
How lucky you are. God Bless you both.
I knew what I was getting into when I got married to my DH 38 years ago. He's stubborn, sometimes short-sighted, has talents beyond many in operational engineering - can rebuild a lot of things, and is smart - very smart. But he's grumpy and moody - the negatives of sharing my life with him.

Would I marry him again? In a heartbeat. I'm also not the easiest person to get along with.

In an aside, I'm still in touch with my ex-fiancee. We were good friends for several years, fell out of touch after I chose to marry my husband instead of him, and got back in contact via Facebook about ten years ago. We're still friends. He's also in a long-time marriage and very happy with his choice. I guess we both lucked out and chose the right person for our lives.

- Erulisse (one L)
Some people have all the luck and recognise it!
Unlike others on this thread, I did not have a good fit.

I would most definitely not marry my ex. It was wrong from the start but I was so desperately afraid of always being alone that I let her into my life despite all the red flags that were being waved under my nose.

That relationship dug twelve years out of my life, twelve really important and vital years (six of which were in marriage).

A part of me is still bitter about this, though we divorced twenty years ago. I feel like I had one chance to get it right and I blew it for this lifetime.

And deep down, I know I carry the main burden for this failure. I am broken somehow. I've never figured it out and I probably never will at this point.

But thanks for asking. (sorry, my dark humour).
Good to see something from the male side. Sorry it didn't work out. A little reflection on the subject sometimes can help.
My son is the joy of my life. So he is the reason my marriage was worthwhile. But aside from my amazing son...

No, I would not marry my husband over again. I regret the 23 years of unhealthy relationship with him. I regret 23 years of trying to "make do" and stay positive, within a union that made me very, very lonely.