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I understand that the National Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden is urging its clergy to use gender-neutral language when referring to the Mystery we call God. I'm inclined to go with them in this.

Thomas Berry (1914-2009) once wrote: " It's a question of story". The 'old' story we grew up on is no longer functioning properly. It shaped our emotional attitudes, provided us with a life purpose, consecrated suffering, integrated knowledge and guided education. But it is no longer life-giving, and we have not yet learned a 'new' way of expressing the old spiritual realities.

Traditional religious terms such as 'Christmas', 'Creation', and even 'Love', that most central of Christian concepts,  have been hi-jacked. We must now find new ways of expressing our relationship with the Mystery we call God.

Antje Jackelén, a lady bishop in Sweden

As is often the case, many in the Church are living new realities before they are finally recognized by the hierarchy.


I agree too.