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It's good for us to schedule some time to be bored, I'm told. Really?

In this frenzied world we're all in need of a bit of boredom at times. Boredom sharpens our minds to the finer things of life; the ordinary, the obvious, the overlooked things, the often considered pointless things. But these can sometimes reveal themselves to be very fascinating.

The magic of boredom happens when we see the whole world as a mysterious place of adventure. Allowing ourselves to be bored lets us shape our own personal identity. But we prevent the magic if we fill all our bored moments with distractions.

Nowadays, forces bring the whole world down on us, telling us who we are, what we are for, and how we should behave. The only way to reclaim our identity is to shut them out. To own our own minds we have to block out the forces of consumerism and dare to be bored.

Boredom is necessary for a full spiritual life too. "God’s presence is everywhere — blessed are the bored, for only they have the chance to see him."

Modern parents find they have too much to do, too much to think about. They are overwhelmed. The kids want more and more activities, more places to go. Is all this busyness destroying our lives? The busy life is seen as a happy, healthy, successful one. Is it? What if I give the kids the gift of boredom this Christmas? What new things might they try, and which ones would they learn to love?


Dull is fine.

I like dull.

I could use more dull in my life.
I think after Christmas we'll all feel dull so long as it's not just 'lazy'. After all the drinking and merriment we'll hear; "T'was a quiet Christmas".
it's not boredom
it's peace and quiet that's needed
boredom has the notion of anxiety and absence

what is needed is to turn off external stimuli and be conscious of the natural world

be aware if only for a few minutes of sensory information - what in this moment am i seeing / hearing / smelling / tasting / touching
it is remarkable how unaware we can be of our senses
see and hear are dominant
the others can be lost in the clutter

and do kids really want all that go and have?
or has our culture sold us a bill of goods telling us they are necessary and desirable?
We all need quiet to take a breath. I'm never bored, but I'm just as likely to bury myself in a book as to interact with the computer or television, or even my husband. Books are my one lifelong friends, the one thing I could not do without.

- Erulisse (one L)