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Are websites inflicting the tyranny of perfection on young people?

We’re told we now live in a less judgmental society. Are we? We’re less judgmental about certain things, true. But we are now judging each other’s lives in a more continuous way than ever before because our lives, or versions of our lives, are on show as never before. Do you judge me based on what I post here on this blog of mine and/or on other social media? I'm quietly judging you on your posts here on LJ.  Do our posts really reflect who we are? Is it like reading someone’s autobiography written without any edits, filters or exaggeration!

Adults can survive this a great deal more easily than children and teenagers can, because we are more likely to have a properly formed identity. It’s a different matter when you’re very young and unsure of yourself. Social media can cause a person a lot of anxiety. Is it more trouble than it's worth.

Researchers have found that a profile photo on Facebook tells viewers all they need to know to form an impression of someone and virtually no words are necessary.