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Lent - a Journey of Christian Hope

Lent was instituted as a time of preparation for Easter. We can visualize the Risen Christ calling Christians out of darkness into light. It is a journey of hope. So Lent is a period of repentance, of renewing our baptismal identity, and not as an end in itself.

We've seen it all before. Moses helped the Israelites to escape from slavery in Egypt and guided them on a long journey through the desert to freedom. The entire journey was carried out in the hope of reaching a land of their own. It was a hard slog. It took a whole generation to complete.

Our salvation is surely God's gift, but as in every love story, we are asked for our own 'yes'. Those who make the Lenten journey are always on the path of conversion.


may your journey give you that which you seek
Thank you. Am on my way - I hope it's the right road for me.