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I've been reading about potatoes. Our history will always be associated with potatoes since the Great Famine of the 1840's.

After wheat and rice, potatoes are the third most important crop in the world. Although it had its origins in South America, the humble potato is now grown all over the world. We claim that here in Wexford, in the south east of Ireland, we produce the best and flouriest potatoes there are!!

There are thousands of varieties, I understand, with different sizes, shapes, colours, textures, qualities, and flavours. My own favourites are the Roosters, especially in late winter and spring. The "spud", as we often refer to it in Ireland, can be cooked in many different ways, but for me, they must always be steamed and served in their jackets. I also like French fries and chips but I realize that served that way they are not great for my health.

Being 80 per cent water and 20 percent solids (mostly starch) they contain minimal amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar, and are non-fattening, so they make a good healthy meal. Long live the potato!


I was born in what is known as the Potato State, Idaho, where they grow the best potatoes ever for baking. A nice, fairly thick skin, but inside, the white, fluffy wonderfulness that is a proper baked potato.

Sweden is a huge consumer of potatoes, many, many lovely varieties, and we enjoy them all. My favourite is boiled new potatoes with just a sprinkling of fresh parsley and chives and melted butter. My husband likes his with pepper and a dash of malt vinegar.
i'm with her!
small red potatoes - boiled - then butter with parsley and/or chives ( from my herb garden)

my mother insisted on growing her own potatoes - usually at least two varieties - she put something special in the hills with the seed potatoes - but i now don't remember what - but i remember a neighbor putting fish heads in the hills

yes, i grew up in the country
Also a good source of potassium.
Never met a potato I did not like!