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Holy Saturday can be considered the day of the women disciples of Jesus, those who took care of the dead Christ and performed this final, sacred ritual. Together, with attention and intention, they grieved and said their final farewells. Together, as a group, they let their cherished one go. Together they anointed him with fragrances.

Today was the day of the confusion of the male disciples who left for Galilee or Emmaus. In spite of the absence of the male disciples who betrayed, denied, abandoned their master, the women remained true and faithful.

One is aware that remote preparations were being made - the dead body must be anointed, embalmed, sealed in the tomb. Those making the preparations are the women who have followed him, sometimes at a distance. They are gathering the fragrances connected with the embalming. The ‘fragrances’ - so symbolic of the beautiful attention, the loving care, the tender, dedicated love the women had bestowed on their beloved during his ministry.

On Holy Saturday they leave the sealed tomb, lonely, tearful, filled with memories.


Yes. I am pondering today the harrowing of hell, so thank you for this reminder of the women who cared for his body. Can you tell me the name of this painting and the artist?
Sorry I cannot source the artist. I found it in Pinterest which is a web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the WWW. It's HQ is in San Francisco.

The theme is based on : Luke 23:55
Thank you for this!!!

when patriarchy finally gives in and lets women's ways have the world things might get better
it was the original second wave feminist vision

and how about the catholic church acknowledging women's ministry and sharing the sacrament of holy orders?
just who were the true disciples?
who had the the message of the risen christ?

Easter Blessings!!!

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