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I have become interested lately in the religious paintings of  Stanley Spencer (!891-1959). One of them is entitled 'Old Men' (below).

I ask myself: Beyond middle age, does spirituality become more relevant for me? Does it take on an added urgency in my daily life? Do I see age having its own spiritual path as I engage with the difficult, and more relevant, questions about loss, meaning, and mortality? Can I embrace a more constructive role for things like regret, shame and guilt?

What, I may ask, is a spiritually healthy vision of aging?


thank you

touch is such a basic part of social interaction
members of the simian family groom each other
it's part of their world
cats groom each other
the cat on my lap bumps my hand with her head
PET ME! it's our social time
she licks my hand to groom me

not all touch is sexual
that should be obvious
sex is natural not sinful
that should be obvious also
( i blame a lot of this on Monica!)

we teach children about
"good" and "not good" touching
really what is appropriate

hopefully, the church will begin to realize
how appropriate and necessary
human intimacy and touch are
and not all sexual