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In tomorrow's Gospel we read about that skeptic 'Doubing Thomas'. There is a Thomas in all of us 'believers', I'm afraid, when something completely new occurs in our everyday life?  But although Thomas did not initially believe in the resurrection of the Lord, he remained faithful to the original call he had received - the call to be a part of the community of the Apostles.

Ultimately it was in and through that community that Thomas finally encountered the Risen Christ. I always need the support of a community  from destroying my capacity to believe. For me it is the Christian community.

But can I believe in the Christian community's support? There is a growing number who consider Catholic belief something alien, imposed, second-hand.  Some say that they enjoy being part of the Christian community but are strangely disengaged from its official beliefs.  They say that's not what faith is about.  Should it be: personal insight first, then belief; or belief first, then personal insight? The Catholic view is that belief points us and brings us to insight.

Before G. K. Chesterton became a Catholic he gave as his reason: “for accepting the religion and not merely the scattered and secular truths out of the religion.”  “I do it, because the thing has not merely told this truth or that truth, but has revealed itself as a truth-telling thing. All other philosophies say the things that plainly seem to be true; only this philosophy has again and again said the thing that does not seem to be true, but is true. Alone of all creeds it is convincing where it is not attractive.”

Painting: Caravaggio


Meditating on the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, or the wheat and the tares, may not be fun, but it's often salutary.

Plus of course keeping a perspective that helps being crushed by things that you now more or less expect.
when i was part of an active believing community i could function
when that was gone
and the community was one of social convenience
one where i felt i did not belong
one day as i stood saying the creed
i thought
i don't believe any of this
and there was no reason for me to stay
I can't say the creed, but I still enjoy church sometimes as I believe there is a Higher Being.
I like Thomas, he is easy to identify with.