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Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence. Globalisation provides the chance to sell goods and services abroad.

Do we still need religion in a globalized world? Have religions any role to play in public life? I believe that religion cannot be separated from the process of globalization and globalization can be an enormous opportunity to spread a religious perspective on life. All religions—far from being a “plague for humanity”—are great carriers of human ideals.

Although, for many people, religions are now seen as obsolete, they are still part of the dynamic of globalization, and globalization is part of the dynamic of religions. Globalization passes through  religions' morality, doctrinal articulation, cultural and political formation, and religions' missionary efforts influence globalization.

Religions are not the problem. Rather, they are an indispensable part of the solution. Living only for “worldly realities” leads us to a world of competition, social injustice, and environmental destruction. It is also an obstacle to a more just, generous, and welcoming life, with social sensibility.  If man “lives on bread alone,” then there are no transcendent values. And globalization is principally occupied with “bread.” Globalization can contribute to improving the state of the world only if shaped by the perspectives of human growth and morality.