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Last Sunday, Pope Francis visited a poor parish on the outskirts of Rome. Before celebrating Mass at St. Paul of the Cross Church, he began taking questions from the youngest parishioners, including a little boy named Emanuele, who asked, "Is my father in heaven?" His father was an unbeliever. Emanuele approached the microphone, but then froze. "I can't do it," he kept saying. Pope Francis then told him: "Come and whisper it in my ear."

Pope Francis visited a poor parish on the outskirts of Rome on…


I DO love that man. Whatever personal faults he may have, and he is human, it seems to me that his main teaching is that God is love and he seems to show it in every possible way himself.
what did Francis say?

the answer is of course - God loves everybody and wants everybody with him
that should make the dear frightened boy more reassured
I truly admire Pope Francis.
i just read this again and thought
we've come a long way since Pius XII carried aloft wearing the triple crown tiara
It takes a while but the holy spirit finally is heard