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Yesterday morning we heard of yet another suicide: CNN’s Anthony Bourdain. He joins a growing list of people who have taken their own lives in recent days. Suicide, it seems, is now a serious and growing problem everywhere. Sadly, often by young people.
Why is this happening? While suicide is often attributed to mental health, more than half of people who die by suicide do not have a known mental health condition.

It apparently is rarely caused by a “single factor", and contributing causes may include relationship problems; recent or upcoming crises; health, financial, housing, and legal problems; and substance abuse.

While the causes may not be ours to know, we can hear the same hidden cry: "My life is not worth living. They say every life’s precious, but nobody cares about mine.”

Is the Church really listening? She tells us: “It is good that you exist. You are a beloved child of God, and it is good that you exist. Your life’s worth is not measured by your religion, social status, career path, bank account, love life, friendships, health, beauty, happiness, wit, or talent. It’s not a function of how the world or other people look at you. Your worth is measured by the sign of God’s infinite love for you".

Why, then, is suicide such a problem today?


Because, sadly fewer people have ever been told this, and even fewer believe it, perhaps.
Is it because the Church means so little to people today, especially to young people?
Yes - I think so. And here it gets harder and harder as more and more other things now take place during the time always left for church.

So; when my daughter was young, in the 1990s and early 2000s, there were no sporting, or musical, activities for children or young people on Sunday mornings; all the junior classes and matches were held on Saturday, or after 2pm on Sunday. But now there are so many rehearsals, matches and training sessions, and other events like history trips, beach-clean-ups (credited for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme...) and so on; and the children are told that they cannot pick and choose to play only matches that allow them to go to church, or miss rehearsals or training sessions for orchestra, swimming or gymnastics etc, and then expect to be chosen to perform or compete.

And so families, often reluctantly, agree that they will stop going to church. Quite often the whole family - as the parents are needed to take children back and forth, and to be there as helpers or simply to cheer them on.
how does a person experience god's love when they feel their life is worthless
it is just empty words
famous people can wake and feel their productive life is over - so why go on?
not so famous can feel the same thing
if nobody seems to care???

god's love has to be experienced - person to person
we don't know love in the abstract
"god's infinite love for me" is a bad joke

find the man who fell among thieves
clothe him - feed him - give him medical assistance - but in person - let him know that another human being cares what happens to him

even then the world may seem too dark
suicide has always been with us
Young people from good families are committing suicide. Families who have loved and protected and supported them all their short lives.

There may have been always suicide with us - but never in the numbers we have now. Why?
maybe the numbers are not that much larger
maybe we just know more
60 years ago in the small rural town i grew up in the brother of my classmate committed suicide
the father of my classmate committed suicide
they never made the paper
there were more - the father of my parent's friends
and probably more that i have forgotten

those young teen years are hard
i remember going home in tears
my father asking what he could do
"nothing" i said weeping

but there was no internet
there was no cyber bullying
was i bullied? yes
but i was safe at home

now there is little safety for the young
and so many more things to be "teased" about
so many more possible negatives to be hurled at the victim
when there is no safety
when even loving parents can not protect you
when your first experiences of the world outside your loving home
excoriates you
sometimes it is all too much
the young have no real sense of a greater tomorrow
their world is all today
and when today is too black to face?
I agree that suicide used to be hushed up. In the UK it was once a crime and only decriminalised in 1961! Is it surprising that people would hide the fact that a loved one had killed themselves?

So I don't know whether the rate is genuinely rising or not. But there is too much pressure on kids these days. We worried about exam grades, of course, but it never seemed as all important as it is now. There was bullying, but there were ways to escape and now with cyber bullying, it follows you home.
Alas, that is one of the reasons for the increase. The more suicide is talked about, the more it seems like a legitimate option to people.

which is a nicely ugly problem.
There is never any one answer to cover all instances of suicide.

Some of the time, suicide is simply the absence of life.

Living is hard. Depending on circumstances, the challenge of living another day is greater than the individual can handle.

And dying is not easy either. But for the person intent on taking their own life, the difficulty of executing the act is worth the risk because life feels too unbearable.

I have watched people trying to assign a logical reason for Anthony Bordain's suicide, but mostly this is to calm themselves, give something to distinguish him from themselves.

Remember, as you say that "suicide is such a problem today", that the global population is over 7.6 billion people and rising quickly. We only hit 2 billion in the 1920s. The planet is teeming with humans, many of whom wonder why they were born in the first place. Our planet is beginning to burn because of our numbers. So you may expect to see a reaction to our planet's pain by a sharp increase in suicides. But even as many as they number, they will still be a drop in the bucket compared to the new humans born each and every day.

I made one attempt to take my own life a year and half ago. I spend every day wondering what I'm waiting for. What I consider crazy is the fact that I still ask that question every day and I have yet to give myself a satisfactory answer.
Thanks for those interesting comments. All help one come to some kind of understanding of why people take this drastic step.