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Fancy an old fellow like me talking about leaping! I'm a Catholic and I sometimes ask myself if I have leapt too far faithwise, or perhaps not far enough. In those moments I am helped by the existence of a community of faith around me and in their billions across the world.

To me, a leap of faith is the act of believing in, or accepting, something outside the bounds of reason, a belief in something that cannot be objectively confirmed in this world, a belief in a Mystery I call God. Does such a mystery exist?

The important part of a leap of faith is 'the leap'. Thinking too much about the 'faith' part can lead to skepticism. The important thing is to take the action! This is the difficult part. External show and stated opinions mean very little if the real internal movement of faith is not there. Gospel Christianity wants to have inwardness, worldly Christianity wants outwardness. But the externality is important even to the Gospel community. If the externality is absent the inwardness will also fail to come.

Hence the importance to me of belonging to a practising community of faith