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One of Donal Trump's nominees for a seat on the US Supreme Court,  Amy Coney Barrett, is extremely well qualified for the job apparently, but there's a problem - she's a Catholic. And not just a Catholic, but a 'real' Catholic who seems to take the teachings of her Church seriously. This sort of Catholicism does not win media favour. They like their Catholics served lukewarm at best.

At least what a Catholic believes is public. There is a creed and a catechism. Not so for others whose consciences are guided  by principles and preferences known only to themselves.

God help you Ms. Barrett. If your nomination to the Supreme Court is successful your life will not be a picnic.


i've been a "real catholic"
they come in different versions
i was a Vatican Council Catholic
we've already had the "real" type - with ties to Opus Dei
I'll take a good Jew please
I've been a real Catholic as well but am happy now to simply consider myself a Christian.
The court could use another woman though.
another Ruth Bader Ginsberg
who cares for The Law
for women and the poor
a creed and a catechism may help you lead a good and pious life but it does not help in making law for all people of a nation!
How revoltingly sexist.

Justices should not "care" for some citizens in a gross violation of the equal protection of the law.
We have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 1948.
Why have I human rights? Because a group of states at a particular time in history decided I should have them?
because a group of states decided you have rights
without the laws made by the states
your rights mean nothing legally
with nothing to back them up
Or so you say. You might find a little surprise waiting if you act on that principle.
My human rights, my rights as a human being, do not come from any state or group of states. Only my civic laws and rights come from the state.
and those civil laws protect what you call your human rights
don't forget Germany and WW2

and to get back to sex - lol
no one is forcing any woman in the USA to either have sex (except for rape which IS illegal) or to have an abortion
no person's rights are threatened by an individual woman's decision
except her legal rights are threatened in some of our states
eh, we had before the retirement a Supreme Court of six Catholics and three Jews. The transition came when Justice Thomas was received, and it passed without notice.