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Normally I run a mile from music that involves pop and guitars but recently a friend recommended me to have a look at the lyrics of a love song of U2's called 'In a little while' on the album All that you can't leave behind.
I was surprised by the 'religious' theme throughout. It is littered with spiritual musings. The lyrics give the impression of a man who doesn’t like where he is, but knows things will get better in time.
‘In a little while, I’ll be there
In a little while
This hurt will hurt no more".

It is often when waiting for change that things seem most hopeless.
"When the night takes a deep breath
And the daylight has no air
If I crawl, if I come crawling home
Will you be there?"

The notion of the night time, a period of darkness, bringing more relief than in the day implies that he is at odds with himself and his faith. He can't breadth properly in the presence of God and wonders whether he will be forgiven when he finally repents.

"A man dreams one day to fly
A man takes a rocket ship into the skies
He lives on a star that’s dying in the night
And follows in the trail, the scatter of light."

It looks at man’s place in the grander scheme of the universe. How man has taken a rocket to the moon, yet we are still just following the trail of scattered light left by the Creator. Bono explained this line: "It’s the divine comedy. . . . No one is in charge. . . .  I love the idea of human beings believing they are in charge of their own destiny. For all the progress and all the enlightenment we have had, I do see us kind of stumbling around. There’s a sort of audacious side to human beings that puts themselves at the centre of the universe".

Full text:     https://genius.com/U2-in-a-little-while-lyrics


Bono is an interesting man and a talented artist