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The death of Saman Kunan - a highly trained Thai diver - has underscored the danger involved in bringing twelve Thai boys and their coach out through the cramped, flooded passageways of a cave.

The diver, a volunteer, died after losing consciousness in one of the passageways. His job was to lay oxygen tanks along a potential exit route. In the end he did not have enough for himself on his way back.

What a wonderful act of heroism. To give one's life for another is the ultimate act of love. An act that must be recognized by all people.

The whole effort to save the boys shows what can be achieved when a group works together to achieve a worth-while goal.

Should not the Pope be prepared to declare that man 'holy'? Like Christ, he gave his life that others might have life.


a tremendous undertaking with daunting odds
amazing that only one life was lost
a hero!