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What is a mystery? Is there such a thing? Can a mystery be solved? What is the central mystery of human life? Is the topic taboo among scientists? What is the most profound mystery in all of science?


so, i need to leave a comment
never want you to be unanswered

don't know about scientists
i'm an artist

for an artist it has images
fog and moonlight
something hidden
something to be revealed
but perhaps forever clothed in the unknown
which is to be treasured

the central mystery of human life
Love - gives both pain and joy
Is there such? Surely there must be answer - yes or no. Is consciousness a mystery?
i've never been a "what does life mean?" person
i have no interest in "ultimate meanings"
so there is no "mystery of life" for me

"yes" or "no" what?
things just "ARE"
consciousness IS
accept it - do the best you can
be open to the world

i come at things from a different direction
we are creatures of our senses
be aware
i just heard birds - really heard them
the variety in their calls - their language
i was doing something else
i could have missed it
it was such a perfect moment
i glad i was aware
it had it's own kind of "mystery"
it's own awe
Since "mystery" ranges in meaning from "trivial puzzle" to "truth beyond the ability of humans to imagine" it can be hard to make general rules.

Yes. Like 'love', mystery has many meanings. But is there such?
I better hold on to God - even Google does not seem to have all the answers!
google is NOT god
Thank Goodness!